Rampton Family

Rampton Family
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28th, 2008 Ultrasound

Today is Oct, 28th, 2008. Susie and I just got back from the ultrasound for the baby. What an amazing experience. Everything about this baby is perfect, she has no deformities, no cleft palette, her spine is perfect, heart, lungs, stomach, brain is developing the way it should be. The Dr. even see her swallow, which she said is very advanced for 22 weeks along :) The ultrasound even showed a perfectly developing brain, which we were told 95% of babies have some sort of problem, But not this Baby!!!!! She is beautiful, smart, and I cant wait to hold her!!!

Look everyone I'm a girl!!!

Her little feet!

Almost a perfect foot print.
(Find somewhere to stand, and move the world!!)

Feet and legs

Arms and hands

Get in my Belly!!

Cute little button nose!

(Will you hold my hand every time I reach for you?)

So we have already picked out her name, and I'm proud to tell everyone. YOU HAVE TO WAIT!! HA HA HA.

But seriously, this little girl is someone very special, she has chosen to come to earth during these troubled times.. I know she is very strong and will be an amazing person. I love her so much.!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family pictures

Always an Eagle

Kasia and Brooklyn messing around in the car.

How cute is she?

Trying on her Halloween costume.

I took Kasia fishing at Daybreak lake. This was her very first time using a fly fishing pole, she caught her first fish all by herself, brought him in, and released the fish all by herself.

Kasia at the fair, on one of the rides

Daddy and Brooklyn lookin cool while getting gas

Um, you want me to touch that snake??

Ok, he looks pretty nice :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

NPC Utah Body Building Show

On October 11th a few friends and I went to the NPC Utah Body Building Show at Cottonwood High School. They had about 60 competitors there, some pretty ripped and in shape people. Branch Warren, a professional body builder did a guest posing. He is huge!!!!